I was fortunate to have grown up on a sunny tropical island in the Caribbean. The equatorial rain forests of that region, its exotic plants, fascinating animal life along with a culture so rich and diverse, have all been very important influences and inspiration for my work. My early classical training in drawing and watercolor painting translate well to the Maiolica technique of glazing. The forms that I use are both useful and ornamental and allow me an extended choice of palette and brush work that expresses my love of plants, painting and pattern. By this process, I am able to make connections between myself, my life, the natural world and those who appreciate my work. The vibrant color and early work of artists like Picasso, VanGogh and Matisse as well as the traditional Islamic, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese tin-glazed pottery, continue to guide and inspire my work.

I began making pottery while working with the United Nations Project for the Development of Arts and Crafts in developing nations. My continued interest in working with clay, then led me to the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, W.I., to expand my knowledge of wheel throwing, hand-building and glaze chemistry. Subsequently, the next few years were spent working in, what was then, the only modern pottery in the country. With the use of these facilities, I had the opportunity to further develop and explore my own designs. Many years, pots and experiences have passed since those early beginnings and on reflection, I realize how invaluable this time was to my growth and development in the ceramic field.

When my family and I moved to the USA, the arts community in our region offered me many opportunities to become involved with teaching and showing my work. As I've traveled to many different countries through out my career, it is clear to me how important the arts communities are to all cultures of the world.

Presently, I own and operate a clay studio in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina surrounded by a wealth of support and encouragement from many other crafts people and organizations in the area. My work has received numerous awards from Museum Exhibitions and competitions nationally and internationally with many pieces in private collections.

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